Our Mission:
Any cause without a mission, can be treated abrupt!
So, here is ours.
“You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself”
We are here for that, finding and shaping that aspect in you, which is going to separate you from the rest. We hope to produce professional players who would love the adoration and respect, every top notch player of today commands.
Our Vision:
We see ourselves producing at least a dozen international FIDE rated players from our academy each passing year, nevertheless, this is no cake-walk, lot of work to be done, come, let’s begin!

About Chess
Fundamentally chess is a turn-based logic game and the complexity of any logic game—-and thereby chess—-arises from the long sequence of moves that are required to be pondered over to outsmart the opponent. The ability to deliberate over the best sequence would ultimately win the game.
Without going into too many details, a chess game is a specific sequence of moves out of the set of all possible moves. There are approximately 35^100 legal options for a chess game (This is a 2 followed by one hundred and fifty four trailing zeroes), which goes to show how much there is to think about! It’s a safe bet that nobody on earth could consider every option, and even if you think at the speed of Deep Blue (the computer that destroyed Garry Kasparov, the then World Champion)…the universe would end by the time you finish thinking about all the 35^100 legal options (i.e., 4.1477e+137 millennia away!) Come, feel the essence of chess!